Bridging Art and Commerce:
Gary Culley's Inovative Approach to
Commercial Photography

Working the scene on Tina's camera (iPhone)
With a career spanning several decades, Gary Culley is an accomplished professional photographer known for his attention to detail and creativity. He began his journey in the world of film and darkrooms, perfecting his craft in the lab business before moving on to commercial photography with his own studio, Gary Culley Studios.

Throughout his career, Gary has remained dedicated to embracing new technology and techniques, always seeking out innovative ways to tell visual stories and capture the essence of his subjects. His expertise lies in advertising photography, where he has helped countless clients showcase their products and services through compelling imagery.


Whether he is helping a restaurant promote their latest culinary creations or capturing the beauty of a homebuilder’s work, Gary is passionate about selling photographically and creating images that leave a lasting impact.

Outside of work, Gary is a family man with a love for adventure and the great outdoors. From exploring small southern towns to capturing the urban landscape of big cities, he is constantly seeking out new opportunities to flex his creative muscles and capture breathtaking moments.


As a past president of the Memphis Professional Photographer’s Guild and a founding member of the creative Memphis talent source ‘901 Creatives’, Gary has a deep commitment to his local photo/creative community and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. His time as a Master at The Arcanum was spent mentoring photographers of all levels and helping them unlock their full creative potential.


From the technical aspects of photography to the art of storytelling, Gary approaches his work with an unwavering attention to detail and an unbridled passion for creativity. His goal is to capture not just an image, but a moment in time that will stay with his clients forever.