I am creating my new website and having a blast.  It’s great to learn all the WordPress lessons and put this knowledge to use on my new site.  Why a new site?  The carpet has been pulled from under me.  I needed to add some images to my website and I went to find iWeb, by Apple, to edit the site.  Apple is not on my good list for the last few weeks because of their dropping iWeb from the iLife suite of applications and from the lastest upgrade to OSX Lion.  They advertise, promote and tell about all the advances; and so we move ahead by upgrading and BOOM! There is no way to update; the connection to the software is gone.  They seemed to be covering all the bases of communications with mail; word processing; photo organizing; movie editing and organizing; and, of course, web development. So, why go elsewhere? Well, ’cause we’re wrong. They’re not dependable, and I must go elsewhere for creating my website. So, here we go…organizing photos, making all the galleries and writing all the blurbs.  Actually, this negative can be a positive.  There is lots to learn but once learned it could be a major advance in showing folks what I do.

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