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The art print you’ve chosen is 5×7 – pictured below
To appreciate the incredible detail in my photography, my prints always look better when a little bigger.
I sell my larger 8×10 prints for $29.00 each. But here, only on this page, you can grab one for just $8.50.
This saves you BUNCHES!
I’m only offering them at this price for a limited time and only on this page for those who opted in for a free print.
It’s worth you knowing too, that taking me up on this incredible offer will also help support me as an independent artist🙂
Fly-fishing and Fog (8x10)

For Comparison Purposes Only

Size Comparison

The image is very horizontal, so on an 8×10 sheet the photograph is 4.5×9 inches with a half-inch border on 2 sides and more border on the top and bottom.  Suitable for frame or matte in 8×10 size.